My First PodCast using PodBean

This is my first podcast using  PodBean.  It is audio only.

If you wish to see the video and listen to the audio at the same time then here is the link for you to find it on YouTube.
The audio and video are 41 minutes.  You might want to listen to the audio on a drive to work or if you are out running.
What other way do you listen to podcasts?


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My First PodCast on PodBean

  This is my first upload to PodBean.  This audio is from a YouTube video that I just uploaded to YouTube.

   I got my first computer in 1978.  It was a Radio Shack Model I.  It had 4K of memory.  I upgraded to 48K of memory and was so happy when it would start up and I would see “48K Memory” and I would think how could anyone need more than 48K of memory.
   In 1982 I setup a bulletin board system (BBS) using my computer.  People connected at 300 baud.
   In 1984 “Link-Up Magazine” picked my BBS (Howard’s Notebook) as one of the top ten bulletin board systems in the United States.

   When the world wide web was invented in 1995 I moved Howard’s Notebook to the world wide web.  
    Howard’s Notebook has been online since June of 1982.  It is one of the oldest online sites.  I also have been blogging since 1982.
    If you check online you will see that the blog was invented in 1995.  That is “fake news” because I have  been blogging since 1982.

     I hope you like my first attempt at a blog.
     Give me sometime I might get better.

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Is Donald Trump suffering from something?

The following is taken from Quora:


Is Donald Trump suffering from something?
Alexander Lee (梅治 新太)
Alexander Lee (梅治 新太), Vice President of Creative Outreach at Consiglio Devastations
Answered May 2
Originally Answered: What does Donald Trump suffer from?

Since I’m not a practicing psychiatrist, I don’t exactly have to follow the “Goldwater Rule”, which means I can pull out all the stops.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder— obvious from the fact that Donald Trump views himself as a “very stable genius” despite not being stable nor a genius, and claims that everyone loves him and knows he’s the best, even though it’s not true.

He’s also incapable of taking criticism, labelling all criticisms as “fake news”.

Trump takes every opportunity he can get to seek attention and approval from his followers.
Grandiose Delusions— goes hand-in-hand with NPD.
Belief perseverance (this is more of a symptom than an actual illness)— obvious from the fact that Trump refuses to change his beliefs despite being presented with overwhelming evidence of why his beliefs are false.
Antisocial Personality Disorder— obvious from the fact that Trump lies compulsively in order to manipulate and deceive, behaves compulsively, and disregards the lives of others.

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Welcome to Howard’s Notebook

Welcome to Howard’s Notebook

Before YouTube (2005), before Facebook (2004), before Google (1998) and before the world wide web Jim Howard was online and blogging and doing videos! Have you heard about AOL? Well before America On Line Jim Howard was online and people could log into Howard’s Notebook. Howard’s Notebook began in 1982. People could log into Howard’s Notebook with a computer and a modem. At first, the speed was only 300 baud. But with new modems, people logged in later at higher speeds. Jim Howard had to write his first BBS program. It was written in BASIC. Howard’s Notebook is 36 years old. Jim Howard is 77 years of age. It is time for you all to come home and it is time for those new people to join us. It took you long enough to find us.

If you want to help support Jim Howard with his blogging and YouTube site you can make a donation via PayPal.

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