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Robert Reich: What’s a Subpoena and Should Trump Fear It?

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Trump’s Betrayal of the Working Class

Robert Reich explains how Trump has broken his promises to American workers: Watch More: Trumponomics ►► https://youtu.be/LvcI9vGH740 For more videos like these, be sure to subscribe. If you’d like to support our work, you can do so here: www.inequalitymedia.org/donate Follow Robert Reich: Facebook: facebook.com/RBReich Twitter: twitter.com/RBReich Instagram: instagram.com/rbreich/

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Robert Reich: GOP is Unchecked and Unbalanced

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ShowMeVideo for 08/18/2018 – Tongue Scraper?

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ShowMe Blog PodCast – My first one hour podcast on PodBean

If you listen to this podcast you will hear that I planned to talk about another subject.  But, I got sidetracked and talked about something else.  Hell, I forget what I talked about.  I sure am not going to listen to myself for one hour now.  I am 77 years of age and I do not want …

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Please Help Us Fill The Wagon

  Please Help Us Fill The Wagon Please join with the Fort Worth Police Department in Helping the Tarrant Area Food Bank feed those in need! We will be collecting can goods for the Tarrant Area Food Bank on Saturday, June 30th from 9 am to 2 pm at Walmart, 7451 McCart Ave at Sycamore …

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Trump Hugged an American Flag

Is there one single person in the United States that thinks Donald Trump loves anyone other than himself? Trump does not love the United States.  He does not love the American people. Trump does not know how our system of government works. He knows nothing about our Constitution.  

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Larry, Jerry and me at Fairyland Park 1958

I was a junior at De La Salle Military Academy 1985.  Two of my friends, Jerry and Larry Winship and I went to Fairyland Park in Kansas City (MO) and made this 45 RMP recording in a small booth. I forget how much it cost to make the recording. Larry and Jerry Winship were identical …

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Larry and Jerry Winship and Jim Howard in 1958

This recording was made in a booth in 1958.     “…Fairyland Park was an amusement park, located at 7501 Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The park operated from 1923 to 1977, at which time it was closed due to lack of attendance to the park and storm damage in late 1977. Marcia Brancato …

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Dear Trump Voter

 Trump promised to “Make America Great Again,” but seven months into his presidency he has done exactly the opposite: stoking hate and division, selling out to lobbyists, and profiting at the public’s expense. Robert Reich explains that for the good of the country, it is time for all of us to speak out against …

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