My First PodCast on PodBean

  This is my first upload to PodBean.  This audio is from a YouTube video that I just uploaded to YouTube.

   I got my first computer in 1978.  It was a Radio Shack Model I.  It had 4K of memory.  I upgraded to 48K of memory and was so happy when it would start up and I would see “48K Memory” and I would think how could anyone need more than 48K of memory.
   In 1982 I setup a bulletin board system (BBS) using my computer.  People connected at 300 baud.
   In 1984 “Link-Up Magazine” picked my BBS (Howard’s Notebook) as one of the top ten bulletin board systems in the United States.

   When the world wide web was invented in 1995 I moved Howard’s Notebook to the world wide web.  
    Howard’s Notebook has been online since June of 1982.  It is one of the oldest online sites.  I also have been blogging since 1982.
    If you check online you will see that the blog was invented in 1995.  That is “fake news” because I have  been blogging since 1982.

     I hope you like my first attempt at a blog.
     Give me sometime I might get better.

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